Who Is Sue Hatfield?

Since 2005, Sue Hatfield has served as a state prosecutor with the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice.  Throughout her career, she has fought to keep and make Connecticut a safer place and was the first prosecutor to receive a conviction for the completed crime of human trafficking under Connecticut’s criminal statutes.

Meet Sue

Sue’s Priorities

As AG, I will be inclusive and respectful of the many talented attorneys and professionals who work to enforce our laws and protect our rights every day



I will be a staunch advocate for our state’s consumers, particularly with respect to consumer’s privacy issues involving social media and other online and mobile applications that we have come to depend on in our everyday lives. Read More…

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Our lives revolve around our digital world and our ability to access information quickly, efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible.  I support a fully open and accessible internet to all users. Read More…

Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy

The Connecticut economy is at a crisis point.   While our neighboring states are adding jobs, often at our expense, leading economists tell us that Connecticut is teetering on the edge of recession.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Read More…

Taxes & Spending

Taxes and Spending

Connecticut’s perpetual, enduring budget crisis hurts everybody.  Because we all have to continually ask ourselves “what’s next?” Read More…



Not very long ago, traffic jams in Connecticut were limited to Fairfield County during rush hour; well, no longer.  According to a national report, Connecticut is home to three of the 25 urban areas with the worst roads.  The cost to New Haven drivers is an additional $728 annually while the cost to Hartford drivers is $653 a year. Read More…

Opioid Crisis

Opioid Crisis

Just like the rest of the nation, Connecticut is feeling the effects of the exploding opioid crisis.  In 2016, nearly 1,000 of our state’s residents died from accidental drug overdoses — more than a three-fold increase compared to just five years ago. Read More…


  • Keep Connecticut First

  • Keep Our Children Safe

  • Protect Our Loved Ones!

  • Protecting Women & Their Rights

  • Sue Stands Behind Your Business

  • Fighting for Connecticut’s Economy