Sue’s Priorities

Republicans have not won the office of Attorney General since 1954! But this year, with your help, that will change. We need a different kind of candidate – one who can appeal to a wide spectrum of voters, bring geographic balance, and offer a fresh outlook. We need a candidate who can compete, and win!

I’m currently a state’s attorney with 13 years’ experience dealing with criminal cases. I also practiced finance law on Wall Street, and served as an aide to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. For nearly a decade I worked as a registered nurse at Yale-New Haven Hospital. My husband, Nick, is a retired state trooper. We live in Pomfret with our two boys, 10 and 7, and one other family member – our retired K-9 German shepherd, Elvis.

Competition and focus has always been a big part of my life. I’m a former three-sport athlete at Griswold High School and was a college basketball player. I’ve also competed nationally as a bodybuilder and was an All-American master’s discus thrower!

I’m ready to take on this challenge, and with your support, I will take the fight to the Democrats and campaign tirelessly to ensure the success of the entire Republican ticket. Please take a moment to read my platform to understand how I would approach this critical office and address some key issues. I look forward to answering any questions you may have, and earning your support.


I will be a staunch advocate for our state’s consumers, particularly with respect to consumer’s privacy issues involving social media and other online and mobile applications that we have come to depend on in our everyday lives.

I understand that in many instances we all simply click “accept” without reading the pages and pages of terms of use.  I believe it is incumbent upon these platforms to thoroughly transparent relative to what information they will receive and how they will get it from you.

Social media, which was originally a way for people to connect with other people both next door and across the oceans, has now become a multi billion dollar business which is about buying and selling information.  While i fully support businesses to succeed, social media has redefined the relationship between user and business and we need to look how we can redefine the rules to meet this new relationship status.

Net Neutrality

Our lives revolve around our digital world and our ability to access information quickly, efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible.  I support a fully open and accessible internet to all users.  The ability to control the content that is available to users and, in many cases, to make certain content more expensive or wholly unreachable in order to ensure that one set of content is available over another set of content defeats the purpose of the interconnection that the internet has provided to the world. I was disappointed in the actions of the FCC regarding net neutrality.  As Attorney General I will work with our legislature to ensure that Connecticut consumers have full and unfettered access to all information that is available online.

Jobs and the Economy

The Connecticut economy is at a crisis point.   While our neighboring states are adding jobs, often at our expense, leading economists tell us that Connecticut is teetering on the edge of recession.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

We need to stop picking winners and losers.   We need for our state to be welcoming of all businesses — large and small.   I’ll use the tools of my office to help usher in a new culture and mindset: Connecticut is truly open for business again.

Taxes and Spending

Connecticut’s perpetual, enduring budget crisis hurts everybody.  Because we all have to continually ask ourselves “what’s next?”

Families find it hard to plan for the future, business are reluctant to make long-term investments, and it shakes the confidence of our next generation of workers.  And it’s driving businesses and residents to move elsewhere.

Uncertainty is the enemy of a bright future for our state.  We need to get off the roller coaster.  I will partner with my colleagues in the executive and legislative branches who are prepared to think boldly in order to set policies that will build an affordable but responsive state government that is sustainable for the 21st century.


Not very long ago, traffic jams in Connecticut were limited to Fairfield County during rush hour; well, no longer.  According to a national report, Connecticut is home to three of the 25 urban areas with the worst roads.  The cost to New Haven drivers is an additional $728 annually while the cost to Hartford drivers is $653 a year.

Of course in many ways, the cost to businesses is even greater as they struggle to bring their goods to market.

Yet the neglect isn’t limited to just our roads and bridges; our deepwater ports, our parking garages, even our airports are suffering.   For the sake of our future, our leaders need to get refocused in this area.  I pledge to be part of the solution.

The Opioid Crisis

Just like the rest of the nation, Connecticut is feeling the effects of the exploding opioid crisis.  In 2016, nearly 1,000 of our state’s residents died from accidental drug overdoses — more than a three-fold increase compared to just five years ago.  The problem costs the U.S. a total $78.5 billion, more than 20% of which comes in the form of lost worker productivity and increased disability, with the impact on businesses ranging from financial challenges to safety concern.

But the real impact is personal and heartfelt, with families losing loved ones.  As a nurse who has worked for years with patients struggling with mental health issues, I will bring a special set of skills to bear as we work to tackle this important issue head-on.  This is personal to me.